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How to Train Employees on Cyber Security?

How to Train Employees on Cyber Security?

If you want to help to keep the data in your business safe and secure, one of the things that needs to be done is to train employees on cyber security. There are so many businesses who have lost everything because their employees didn’t know proper cyber security measures or how to prevent cyber threats.


As more data attacks, hacks, and breaches are happening each and every day throughout the world, you can’t help to think that your business might be next. The good news is that there are ways that you can train employees on cyber security. First, you need to figure out where the vulnerabilities are in your business data or your organization. From there, you can figure out what you need to teach to your employees first.


There are many resources, training materials, and cyber security training programs available to help you and your employees keep data safe and secure. Keep reading this guide to find out more about how to train your employees on cyber security.

Getting Experts to Come in and Train Them

If you are not a cyber security expert or you didn’t get trained in that field yourself, you should get experts to come in and train your employees. The experts are already trained in various or all aspects of cyber security. They will know how to teach your employees to prevent data breaches, keep business data secure, and keep client or customer information safe.


If you hire experts to come in and train your employees, they can do the following:

  • Teach your employees how to spot weaknesses in the system
  • Monitor systems for intruders and hackers
  • Monitor networks for breach attempts
  • Teach your employees how to stop breaches from getting through into the system or network
  • Learning what to do if a breach does occur to minimizes the data

These are just some of the things that experts can train your employees on when it comes to cyber security.

Have Employees Get Trained on Cyber Security

If you want your employees to have direct knowledge of cyber security protocols, you may want to have them trained. There are various cyber security certificates and other programs that your employees can get. Some of these include the following:

  • CompTIA Security+
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cryptography
  • Incident Response
  • Security Analyst
  • Risk Management

These are some areas of cyber security that your employees can be trained in. For the most part, all of these training programs can be done online. With this being said, you might only need the employees that deal with data to get certified or trained. However, anyone who is dealing with the network should be able to spot possible breach attempts.


You might even decide that you want to have a dedicated security team working for you and your business. If this is the case, you can have specific people trained or hire cyber security experts to work for your company.

Paying for Onsite Training

It is possible to have a cyber security expert come to your business and train your employees onsite. You might want to decide to pay for onsite training, so your employees have upfront training. Some of the benefits of going this route is that the employees can do the following:

  • Learn from a cyber security expert face-to-face (many people don’t learn as well when doing this type of training online)
  • Ask any questions about the cyber security training right away
  • Get examples of real-life scenarios that could happen at your company
  • Be shown how to handle potential breaches on the spot

Depending on how your employees learn the best, you might decide that it would be more effective to pay for onsite training.

Requiring Specific Cyber Security Training Certifications

Do you want to ensure that your employees will be able to protect company and customer/client data from the start? If so, you may want to require your employees to have specific cyber security training certifications upfront (before they start working for you). Some of the cyber security trainings that you may require of your employees include the following:

  • CompTIA Security+
  • CySA+
  • CompTIA A+ and Security+ Bundle
  • CompTIA PenTest+

If you want your employees to be trained on multiple aspects of cyber security, these are some of the training options that might be best. Each one of these training options offers your employees the chance to learn how to prevent breaches. In addition, they will teach your employees what to do if there is a breach.

Doing Tabletop Exercises

Another way that you can train your employees on cyber security is to provide tabletop exercises a few times every month.


Cyber security tabletop exercises (TTX) are preparation for security incident activities. These exercises will take your employees through what to do for various cyber security threat or breach incidents. These are all simulated activities. They allow your employees to have hands-on training when it comes to cyber security. By doing tabletop exercises, you and your employees will learn where the vulnerabilities are and what to do about them. In addition, these exercises allow you and your employees to plan for how to respond to these various incidents.


Some of the things that your employees will learn about during tabletop exercises include the following:

  • What will be happening if there is a breach?
  • Who will be doing what? When will each person do a certain task? How will everything be handled if there is a breach? How will everyone work to prevent a breach? Why should everything be done in a certain way in regard to cyber security?
  • What are the roles for law enforcement, IT, legal, company officers, and marketers within the business?
  • Who will be leading the cyber security efforts? Who has the authority to make the decision for cyber security training and taking action when it is needed?
  • What are the resources available?
  • When will certain resources need to be used?

These are some things that your employees will be able to learn if they are doing cyber security tabletop exercises.


Do you want your employees to do more than just learn and read about cyber security? If so, these hands-on exercises would be a great way for them to do this.

Cyber Security Simulated Attacks

Above, you read that simulated attacks are a great way to find the vulnerabilities in your company’s system and network. In addition, these attacks can help with the following:

  • Test the cyber defenses of your company
  • Seeing what different ways hackers can get into your company’s system or network
  • Help with evaluating the company’s current security protocols
  • Figuring out what needs to change in regard to the company’s security protocols
  • Learning how to prevent cyber threats and breaches
  • Learning how to detect potential cyber threats or hacks
  • Learning how to mitigate any potential cyber security issues
  • Seeing how your employees will react to various cyber security threats

As you can see, there are various benefits to running cyber security simulated attacks.


When running these simulated attacks, you can improve the way that your employees and the company, as a whole, handles cyber security. You can learn how certain employees would react. Then, you can provide more training to specific employees who might need it.


Cyber security simulated attacks have been very beneficial for multiple businesses. In fact, employees from both large and small businesses have stated these attacks taught them more than some of the online cyber security training.


When it comes to cyber security for your business, it is important that you and your employees know how to prevent potential cyber threats or attacks. It can be tough to teach your employees everything about cyber security on your own, especially if you aren’t properly trained. However, there are many options when it comes to training employees on cyber security. You can work with PANI Tech Academy to train your employees.


You can find numerous cyber security training programs and materials. There are CompTIA training, penetration testing, cryptography, incident response, security analyst, and risk management certificate programs. Each one of these programs will teach your employees how they can work to prevent potential breaches. The programs will also teach your employees how to handle breaches if they happen. In addition, you can expect your employees to learn various aspects of cyber security including network and system vulnerabilities.


When it comes to the safety and security of your business data and client/customer information, you need to stay up-to-date with cyber security. Your employees, especially the ones that deal with data and the network, need to be properly trained on cyber security, as well. It is important to remember that cyber attackers and hackers are always finding new ways to breach systems and networks. With this being said, you will need to make sure your employees are trained regularly on the newest cyber security protocols.


Make the decision to train your employees on cyber security today. This decision will help to keep your business data, network, and customer/client information safer.

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