Terms and Condition

Please note that tuition fees do not include fees for external examinations, registration fees, accommodation, and social activities or transport.
All fees must be paid in full before the end of the course. Students will not be able to attend all classes if full payment is not received by a
certain time period. If you wish to cancel or amend a course, please make that decision prior to signing up. All sales are final, if for whatever
reason a student cannot finish the class, we will give you a voucher for the next class. In this case please contact us as soon as possible. Note
that this class is intended to prepare you to take the CompTIA certification test, passing this class will not CERTIFY you. Passing this class just means you are ready to take the test with CompTIA. The test still costs money so make sure you know how much the test cost before signing up. Although we will cover all the exam objectives in class, you are still expected to study at least 8 hours outside of the classroom per week.

Prior signing-up for any class on this website and by clicking below, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

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