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CompTIA Network+ professionals are trained to work with a variety of hardware, software, and networks. Take your talents wherever your IT ambitions lead you. Network+ makes you shine in a growing industry.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent: This is the minimum requirement for most IT certifications.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and IT: You should have a basic understanding of how computers work and the different types of IT hardware and software.
  • The ability to learn independently: The CompTIA Network+ course is self-paced, so you will need to be able to learn independently and stay motivated.
  • Get experience: The best way to get a job in IT is to have experience.
  • Master networking concepts and terminologies
  • Configure and manage both wired and wireless networks
  • Troubleshoot common network issues effectively
  • Implement security measures to safeguard data and infrastructure
  • Prepare confidently for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam
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