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  • Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:  Understand and apply environmental reconnaissance techniques, and analyze the results  Implement or recommend appropriate responses and countermeasures to network- based threats  Explain the purpose of network security practices  Implement an information security vulnerability management process  Conduct and analyze vulnerability scans  Distinguish threat data or behavior to determine the impact of an incident  Use appropriate forensics tools during an investigation  Explain the importance of communication during incident response  Analyze common symptoms to select the best course of action for an incident response  Summarize the incident recovery and post-incident response process


  • Read all course materials, including the syllabus and description of the grading and testing systems to be used in the course.  Attend every class session and complete all assignments on time.  Participate in all classroom learning activities.  Interact respectfully with faculty, staff, and fellow students.  Refrain from all academic misconduct  Avoid situations that give the appearance of misconduct.  Report any observed academic misconduct.

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Applying Environmental Reconnaissance Techniques
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