Published - Wed, 26 Jan 2022

Reading About and Studying IT on My Own: Is it Recommended?

Reading About and Studying IT on My Own: Is it Recommended?

Are you wondering how you get more into the field of IT? If so, you may have a bunch of thoughts flowing through your mind. Where do you start? What is the best way to learn more about and study IT? There are numerous ways that you can find out more about IT. Many people want to know if they can just buy a book and study IT that way.

The good thing about the field of IT is that there aren’t as many restrictions and requirements as there are in other fields such as healthcare. If you want to buy books about IT and learn more about this field, that is certainly one way to go.

Benefits of Buying Books to Learn About the IT Field

There are numerous ways that you can learn about the IT field. If you are thinking about buying books about IT and learning that way, it is an option. Some of the benefits of doing this include the following:

  • There are hundreds of great, educational books about all aspects of IT. (You can simply search IT books about a certain aspect of IT and come up with plenty of options).
  • You can buy short task IT books or more informational IT books.
  • You can learn on your own, at your own pace.

While there are certainly some good things about buying books in the IT field and learning that way, there also downsides to going about it in this manner.

Downsides of Buying Books to Learn About the IT Field

If you are thinking about buying books to learn about the IT field, it is important to know that there will be some downsides to doing this. Some of the downsides of studying and learning more about the IT field through reading books on your own include the following:

  • Studying by yourself is going to take a lot of time.
  • You will need a lot of self-discipline to make yourself read and learn on a regular basis.
  • It takes a lot of hard work to stay motivated and dedicated to getting through these books.
  • You may get discouraged because there are so many books and you don’t know where to start or what to do throughout the process.
  • Most of the people who choose to learn IT in this manner give up.
  • Getting certifications on your own may even be discouraging because you may not know how to get a job in the IT field.

Now that you know more about the downsides of reading books to learn about IT, it might be a good idea to learn about a better way to get yourself into the field of IT.

Partnering with a Professional IT Training Center

As you have learned here today already, there are hundreds of great books on the field of IT. However, since there are so many IT books and self-studied courses that you can take, you can easily get overwhelmed and discouraged. In fact, some people who try to take that route lose interest in the field and never pursue it as a career.

The good news is that you can get most IT certifications without any restrictions or prior requirements. Most other industries require a range of requirements before you can even get a certification. When you partner with a professional IT training center, like PANI Tech Academy, you can enjoy the process of learning about IT. Some of the things that you would get when partnering with us here at PANI Tech Academy include the following:

  • You will receive HIGH-QUALITY TRAINING.
  • You will get CAREER ADVICE such as the best-suited path for your life.
  • You will get HELP WITH YOUR RESUME.
  • You will receive a MOCK INTERVIEW.
  • You will get ONE-ON-ONE COACHING.

Based on these benefits alone, you can see that being trained by IT professionals who actually work in this field is better than trying to do it on your own.

Taking Your Best Path

Now that you know more about the different options you have for learning about, studying, and getting certified in the field of IT, you can take your best path.

Certainly, there are going to be benefits and downsides of trying to learn about IT all on your own. You have read some of these pros and cons above. If you are very committed, have excellent self-discipline, and are able to stick to a schedule for learning, you may be able to succeed in reading IT books. However, even the most dedicated people often have no idea of where they should even start in the field of IT.

This is where partnering with a professional IT training center, like PANI Tech Academy can benefit you. You can look through our wide range of IT courses

. From networking to cloud computing to cybersecurity, there are so many options to help you start or further your career in IT.

Here at PANI Tech Academy, we want you to take your best path. We want your journey into IT to be exciting, fun, and successful. No matter which route you want to take, we are here to offer you guided IT courses and certifications when you need them.


There are many options for reading and studying IT.

You can certainly look into and buy a variety of IT books. There are plenty of great and informative books that you can choose from. However, going about IT in this manner can be overwhelming, discouraging, and frustrating. You may not know where you should start or what books you should read to get the proper information needed.

You can also choose to partner with an IT professional training center, like PANI Tech Academy. There is a range of courses you can take to get certified in the field of IT. With this process, you can get the help you need to achieve your goals in the field of IT. You will have support and guidance throughout the entire process.

Choose the path that is best for you to succeed.

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